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Dig Deep for Mia

"Dig Deep" for Mia is an affirmation or motto that signifies digging deep within ourselves when encountering challenging times or a specific crisis, event, or situation in your life.  


The Mia Taylor Foundation hopes we can all "Dig Deep" within ourselves and overcome whatever challenge or challenges we are facing by allowing our inner resilience and determination to shine and help pull us through. 

The "Dig Deep" affirmation, mantra, and motto meant a great deal to Mia, as it was a personal catch phrase that was introduced to Mia by her father.  From an early age, Mia's father would tell Mia to "Dig Deep" when she encountered a difficult situation or challenging times.  "Dig Deep" was a common resilience affirmation in the Taylor household, and it became a regular affirmation that helped remind Mia to be resilient and never give up when faced with adversity no matter how big or small.  Some examples included Mia getting over her fear of flying, playing sports, prior to surgery and medical treatments, taking tests, facing unexpected challenges or events for the first time, as well as numerous other situations.  Mia also really enjoyed yoga and meditating, and she would often use "Dig Deep, Mia" as her one of her spiritual mantras.  As she grew older, Mia was always quick to remind her father, as well as tell other family members, to "Dig Deep" when faced with adversity and she knew they needed to hear those words.  Not long before Mia’s tragedy, her father was gravely injured, and Mia was by his side caring for him and regularly reminding him to “Dig Deep” and not give up while he was encountering challenging times and a painful journey to recovery…  Mia’s very first medical patient was her father, and it became obvious to everyone, including Mia, that the medical field was her calling.  Her father has attributed Mia's selfless and loving care to his recovery and has frequently stated that he could not have done it without her.  Since Mia's tragedy, her father has had to regularly remind himself of their motto, and even though Mia is not physically here to remind him, he can still hear her voice calling out - "Dig Deep, dad!"  "Don't give up dad, you can do it!" 

"We All Have a Mountain to Climb,

Dig Deep and Conquer Your Mountain!"

                                                           -Shane Taylor

"Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by

how many times I fell down and got back up again."

                                                                                                 - Nelson Mandela

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